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In today’s competitive landscape, an accounting practice must go beyond the traditional remit of auditing, accounting, and tax services to drive growth and build stronger client relationships. It’s not just about acquiring new customers anymore—it’s about maximising the potential of your existing clientele. Here are ten practical strategies that accountancy firms in Ireland can use to upsell their existing customers. These tactics range from offering extended service packages to providing specialised financial planning and advisory services, all designed to add more value to your clients and increase your firm’s revenue.

  1. Extended Service Packages: Combine a few of your services into one package. Customers may be more likely to sign up for a package that covers all their needs, rather than sourcing individual services separately.
  2. Tailored Services: Specialise your services to fit certain industries or types of clients. Clients are often more likely to pay for services that are specifically tailored to their unique needs.
  3. Regular Service Updates: Keep your clients informed about the latest changes in financial regulations, tax laws, or business strategies that could affect their businesses. This also gives you an opportunity to introduce new services that could assist them.
  4. Offer In-depth Training: Conduct seminars or workshops on relevant topics such as new financial software, tax laws, or accounting best practices. This can be offered as a separate service or as a way to promote other services.
  5. Financial Planning and Advisory: Provide comprehensive financial planning and advisory services. This can include business forecasting, retirement planning, and investment advice.
  6. Technology Consultancy: Many businesses struggle with choosing and implementing the right financial software. Offering this service can help your clients improve their operations.
  7. Business Health Checks: Offer comprehensive reviews of a business’s financial health. This could lead to upselling more specialised services based on the results.
  8. Outsourced CFO Services: For smaller businesses that may not have a dedicated CFO, offering this service can help them understand their financials better and make informed strategic decisions.
  9. Succession Planning: This is an often-overlooked area where your firm could provide great value, especially for family businesses.
  10. Deepen Client Relationships: Maintain regular contact with your clients to better understand their needs. The more you understand, the better positioned you are to suggest additional services that will genuinely benefit them. Upselling should feel more like offering a solution to a client’s problem than a sales pitch.

Remember, the key to successful upselling is to offer services that provide real value to your clients. It should feel less like a sales pitch and more like you helping them identify their needs and offering a solution.

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